Professional Video Services


Professional Video Services

Your Event… is Our Event

An event in the business world is a moment in time you need documented, promoted, or shared. Event Video is there for your firm, office, or business for all of your video production needs. Whether it is a confidential legal matter or a way to generate business, we specialize in custom productions to reach your intended audience with high-quality 4K video. Any format, any timeline, guaranteed.

Legal Video Services

Remote Deposition Experts

As the pandemic continued throughout 2020, Event Video put into sharp focus the need for producing high-quality video depositions taken remotely. Utilizing Zoom, WebEx, and other platforms we were able to connect our clients with the high quality final product that they came to expect during in-person depositions. That included superior audio, timecode embedded in the final product, and a focus only on the witness. Contact us today to learn more about our method of remote deposition production.

Live Deposition Experts

As life returns to normal and the need for in-person video depositions increase, Event Video is ready! Fully-vaccinated videographers equipped with the latest in cameras, clip-on microphones as well as multiple format delivery options put EV to the forefront in legal video.

Business Generating Videos

To set your firm apart from the rest, you need a well-produced, affordable commercial. Event Video works fast to help you put your best foot forward, from conception, to scripting, to shooting, we won’t take too much time out of your day to create an amazing final product, you have to focus on your clients, the commercial production is our job! We take the ball and run with it after determining your message, your strengths and your audience. Let’s talk today!
We also offer, Day in the Life Video production and In-Court A/V Assistance

Commercial Video Production

Event Video excels at working with your company in creating a video message that works within any budget. “Making what makes sense” is what we like to say, if it’s a series of testimonial videos, instructional videos or a promo for your business, Event Video is your source.

We know you might have Questions…

How long will my production take and cost?
That all depends on the scale, budget, and when you need it by. All that factors in when we create a customized proposal. That’s why there isn’t generic prices, every company or Law Firm is different, so every video project is different.
Would we get a chance to make changes?

Yes, the important part of the production process is making sure that review time is factored in. We want everyone in your management team is happy with the final product!

Do you have customer service?
Of course! Adam Nudelman, owner and operator of Event Video is available, 24/7/365.


Remote video depositions

Live video depositions

Trial Video presentations

Healthcare Video Productions



Corporate Meeting Videos

About Adam

Hi, my name is Adam Nudelman and I’ve worked in the video production industry for over 20 years. First, cutting my teeth at ABC Network, in New York, as well as Sinclair Maryland Public Television in Baltimore. I always wanted to bring professional level videos to families, looking to document their milestone events, as well as to law firms and businesses, for their commercials. Event Video was born with the philosophy of high quality, not high cost. Let’s discuss your video project today!

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